ChromeKit, 2021

Are you easily distracted while browsing the web, neglect physical activity when working on your computer, or unaware of how you divide your attention online? ChromeKit presents a friendly and approachable solution to alleviate pain points commonly associated with the internet.


Working process documented here


HeartBeat is a chrome extension that reminds you to take small breaks throughout seated working periods and encourages users to balance their digital intake with physical activity. Set a preferred timer and keep track of your lifespan by looking at the health bar. Once the timer has run out, HeartBeat will prompt you to take a small break - go stretch, make a cup of tea, or take out the trash while your health bar recharges.


SideEye is a chrome extension that allows you to blacklist websites that reduce your productivity. Whenever you visit a blacklisted website, SideEye overlays a judgmental GIF, until you decide to surpass the blocking behavior by clicking the enter button.


BubbleBath is a chrome extension that organizes your browser history according to each item's visit count and visualizes your online activity in the form of interactive bubbles. Click on the popup window or open a new tab to understand which websites you visit the most. Don't like what you see? Simply clear your history and start over.

User Interface

Each extension combines a set of reusable visual elements with a considered grid system, which allows for a consistent visual language throughout the toolkit. Additionally, each popup window is assigned a specific color, creating a clear separation between individual extensions.