Bite Back, 2024

Bite Back, a youth activist movement born in 2019, fights against a flawed food system by petitioning governments and schools to curb the rampant promotion of unhealthy food by global corporations.

Collaborating with my team at Wolff Olins, we developed a subversive identity inspired by visual cues from the fast-food world, enabling Bite Back to challenge corporate irresponsibility and expose the relentless bombardment of children with unhealthy food advertisements.

Since its relaunch in September 2023, Bite Back has exceeded expectations, experiencing a significant increase in engagement rates and audience growth on social media. Through assemblies and educational programs, the movement has reached over 14,000 young people in schools nationwide, empowering them to challenge the influence of food giants and advocate for healthier alternatives.


Wolff Olins team: Joe Waterfield, Jamilya Kulambayeva, Winston Duke


Logo Design, Art Direction, Design Systemisation