Bloom, 2021

The visual identity for the 2022 Central Saint Martins Graduate Showcase uses artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning to represent the individual and collective growth of the graduating students within the university's community.

Collecting the word 'Bloom' in all languages spoken on the Central Saint Martins campus, we trained a neural network that generates new letterforms based on the initial data. Combining moving imagery, color, and typography, we developed an adaptive Visual Identity with this generative cycle at its core.


Concept Development, Visual Design, Web Development


Working process documented here

Machine Learning

We designed the visual identity around a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) - a machine learning process that represents our growth as students.

Eager to hold the plurality of Central Saint Martins within one design, we focused on a multi-lingual approach by fixing the design on translations of the word “bloom”, anchoring the work back to the sense of growth and joy. A call-out to staff and students produced a raft of nuanced contributions, with the final 35 used to feed the GAN.